In Reimagined, sound artist Micah Frank re-imagines the parched landscape of drought-striken California through field recordings collected on site and then spectrally dissected, manipulated and resynthesized through additive, granular and filter bank resynthesis in Kyma 7.

Recordings of digital pulse trains, MIDI clock and S/PDIF signals - rearranged and layered.

Junction is a sound sculpture generated in real time by thousands of New York City taxi cabs. New York City’s Traffic Management Center has over 200 closed-circuit cameras installed throughout the metropolitan area. These cameras are broadcast 24 hours per day, televised and online. Junction utilizes these cameras in Manhattan’s busiest intersections, compiling them into a grid and parsing out yellow taxis. 

Every tracked taxi becomes a miniature element in a grander realtime sonification, their movements directly affecting the outcome. A taxi’s position might control only one partial of a complex frequency spectrum, or a single frame of a granular cloud. 

Junction has received a 2013 NYFA award.

Tectonic is created in realtime by earthquakes as they occur across the globe. A tightly integrated system between Max/MSP, Google Earth and Symbolic Sound's Kyma processes earthquake data that is translated into sound synthesis parameters. A USGS XML feed is parsed into numerous fields including magnitude, elevation, time of day and geographical coordinates. These data are mapped to synthetic spectrums and processed by granular, aggregate and subtractive synthesis.

A collection of common household items, recorded and micro-timed through an Elektron Octatrack.

Electrical pickup system with interference. Recorded over several hours and sped up as time lapse recording.